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Unlocking the real potential of NFTs, the RMRK system allows you to:

Put an NFT inside an NFT, equip an NFT to another,
create multiple file outputs in one, and more.

The standard will allow for cross-collection and chain compatibility, in true decentralized fashion.

Limitless Possibilities.

With the RMRK NFT Building Block System

Our ERC NFT standards allow you to unlock the true potential of NFTs.

Tailored to work with each other, these EVM smart contracts will help you create your NFT projects of varying complexity.

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Multi-Asset NFTs

NFTs with multiple outputs such as displayed media files. Create NFTs such as:

Mixed Media NFTs

Create NFTs such as:

eBooks that are audio and PDF at the same time,

Songs that have music videos, cover art, and audio files at the same time,

Paintings with making-of videos, and more

Revealable NFTs

Mint identical NFTs and reveal them with a different media later, all on-chain with fully decentralized metadata

Ticketing systems

Have QR codes, ticket stubs, event graphics, with proof of attendance and access to your NFT

Cross-game skins

Have different skins for different games stored in the same NFT

NFT metadata Backup

Store backups of your metadata inside your NFT that points to different decentralized storages to ensure your NFT will always be accessible



Nestable NFTs

NFTs aren't limited to being owned by a user, an NFT can own other NFTs too!

It can have different applications such as:

NFT Bundles

Bundle multiple NFTs into one for selling or sending

Soulbound NFTs

With our other standard called ERC-6454, you can bind an NFT not just to a user, but to another NFT as well

Equippable NFT inventory

Designed to work seamlessly with our other NFT standard called ERC-6220, you can equip compatible NFTs stored inside your NFT's inventory.


Composable NFTs with Equippables

Now you can create NFTs with fixed and equippable parts, customizing your NFT dynamically.

Designed to work side by side with ERC-5773 and ERC-6059, NFTs aren't limited to just "static JPEGs" anymore.

Here are some ways it can be used:

Customizable Avatars

Mix and match items to change the look of your NFT. Equip items, changeable background, and more.

Character with Experience NFT

A character NFT can dynamically change skill sets, experience points, reputation, and more by equipping an Experience NFT with all this data.

Editable Music

An audio NFT can have a fixed beat, but have equippable slots for different instruments, vocals, and effects.

Throw in an equippable visualization script in there too that changes the visuals according to the music!



Emotable NFTs

Retain your NFT's social proof by having emojis placed by users recorded on the blockchain



Soulbound NFTs

NFTs can be bound to a user or to an NFT,
making them non-transferable



On-chain Attributes

Store ERC-721 and ERC-1155 attributes on-chain



ERC-20 holder

Add ERC-20 tokens inside an NFT


Easily deploy on EVM and beyond

The entire RMRK Modular NFTs ecosystem is at your fingertips
by using our ERC Standards

Available on

RMRK NFT 2.0 Standard is also available on Kusama and Polkadot etworkRMRK NFT 2.0 Standard is available on Moonbeam - Polkadot Network

Artist, not a developer?

Create your advanced NFTs through our no-code tools on, The official marketplace for RMRK Modular NFTs

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RMRK Official Projects

Official RMRK projects that powerfully demonstrate what the RMRK NFT standards can do

Projects built with RMRK

See what the community of Modular NFT creators and builders are doing

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