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Kanaria is the world’s first advanced Modular NFT collection.

An official product of RMRK launched in March of 2021, it utilizes RMRK’s very own Modular NFT standards, bringing forth the power of nestability, multi-asset, composability, soulbound,emotability, and equippability into the world of NFTs.

140 K+

KSM Trading Volume

51 K+

Equippable Items

24 K+

Feature-filled Gems


Partner Projects


Broke a Network

Renegade beginnings_

Positioned to disrupt the NFT status quo.

Hou-ou Burning Festival

9999 eggs were available for claiming. 8478 of which were successfully hatched...

...on a network where there were NO smart contracts: Kusama, sister-chain of Polkadot.

Advent of Functional and Modular NFTs

The hatched eggs revealed birds that were influenced by the emotes their eggs received during their incubation phase.

The bird NFTs received randomized item and Soulbound gem equippables according to its four rarities: Super Founder, Founder, Rare, and Limited Edition.

These premium gems introduced incentivized mechanics wherein ownership gives the owner benefits according to its type, such as: profit-sharing, vouchers, additional NFT custom artwork, early-access, in-person event perks, and more.

Trailblazing Activity

It stopped Kusama network on its tracks with its Top 40 Art Contest, which was voted on with thousands of on-chain Emotes... twice.

Winners of the contest earned them of custom handmade artwork fortheir Kanaria, made possible with RMRK’s Multi-asset functionality.


Feature-rich UI

Asset and NFT Inventory managers, royalties for all nested items,trading dashboard, and more, available in Singular.app


Seamless Partnerships

With a universal RMRK NFT standard to use, project and community collaborations are made possible


Kanaria wouldn’t be without its community.

Owning a Kanaria NFT means being part of a story that spans digital and physical realms, a narrative enriched by diverse community contributions. Our vision goes beyond creating digital NFTs; we're about connecting these virtual assets with tangible, real-world forms.

NFT NYC 2022

Kanaria took flight to NFT NYC 2022, the biggest Global NFT Community event, and showcased phygital statues of Kanaria birds alongside BAYC statues, in partnership with High-end NFT Sculptors: Michelangelo Labs.

These phygital statues were auctioned and granted its holders percentage of revenue from Harberger tax on Kanaria’s Metaverse IP: Skybreach.

30% of the statue sales also went to the war relief in Ukraine.

Metal Prints

As token of appreciation for our early supporters, all Super Founders and Founder Kanaria bird holders are eligible to claim a high-quality metal art print of their NFT made from 100% aluminum, courtesy of Solid NFT.

Merch & NFT Banners

Kanaria merch and NFT Profile banners are made available to our loyal supporters and ambassadors for their enthusiastic contribution.

25,000 lands   SOLD OUT

Kanaria evolved its IP with Skybreach, a truly-decentralized and continuously evolving Metaverse. Modeled after the 9 Kanaria Super Founders, each Skyland spans around 25,000 plots and consists of different biomes.