Building beyond conventions

On a mission to unlock NFTs potential

The Company

The history

RMRK (pronounced "remark") was founded in 2020 by Bruno Škvorc, Web3 Foundation's technical educator at the time. Originally a hobby project, RMRK evolved into a team of 20 people.

The RMRK team is the custodian and main developer of the set of open source Modular NFT standards known as RMRK standards and of the Skybreach metaverse, and a for-profit company building products on top of this infrastructure.

The mission

The RMRK team wanted to build cool products, but the infrastructure to build them on did not exist yet so they chose to build the infrastructure first. This infrastructure is now available to everyone.

The Team

Decades of development experience dedicated to building the most advanced NFT Protocol in the world.

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