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October 9, 2023
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$RMRK Tokens

$RMRK Tokens

On Sept 15th, the RMRK token was generated and released into the hands of the original Kanaria NFT buyers.

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Token Deployment, Tokenomics, and Migration

🚨 Before sending tokens, please ensure you read below and also read the documentation provided by the chain you are sending your RMRK tokens to. Take note of the range of features that are currently available on that chain. At present, some chains have more limited withdrawal options than others.

The maximum supply is 10'000'000 (10 million). There is no inflation, the token is deflationary due to wallet access being lost occasionally, and due to some mechanics that lock up and sometimes slash the tokens (see utilities below).

8.9 million (89%), the current circulating supply, was distributed to original Kanaria egg purchasers in a fairdrop. New purchases of Kanaria NFTs are not airdropped any tokens.

5% is locked for the core team to access after 2 years (1 year cliff, 1 year linear vesting per-block), and the rest of the supply is with the community.

There will be no private or public sales of the RMRK tokens. The team can assist with OTC deals for amounts over 200k USD.


Statemine is Kusama's common good parachain for keeping balances of fungible and non-fungible assets. It is where $RMRK was originally created because it saves RMRK from needing its own chain or relying on another parachain which might lose a parachain lease.

On May 16th, RMRK has become a sufficient asset on Statemine, meaning that KSM deposits are no longer needed to receive and send RMRK on that chain, and chain fees are also paid in RMRK.

It is possible to move tokens back and forth between supported chains and Statemine.


Moonriver is a fully EVM compatible chain connected to Kusama, offering an Ethereum-like programming environment but on Proof of Stake and with on-chain governance. Moonriver is where Skybreach's land sale will take place.

RMRK on Moonriver is known as xcRMRK (cross chain RMRK) and is exposed to wallets as an ERC20 token which you might be familiar with from Ethereum and Ethereum-like environments.

Transfering RMRK from Statemine to Moonriver:

Reasons for moving to Moonriver:

  • Participating in Skybreach land sale with xcRMRK
  • Participating in DEXes and LP-ing, yield farming where available
  • Programming utility onto the token
  • Bridging the token into Ethereum via Multichain


Bifrost is an EVM compatible chain connected to Kusama.

Reasons for moving to Bifrost:

  • Participating in LP-ing and the Zenlink DEX
  • Programming utility onto the token


Karura is an EVM compatible "DeFi Hub" of Kusama, and home to a powerful DEX protocol and products, with more on the way.

Moving RMRK from Statemine to Karura: written tutorial.

Reasons for moving to Karura:

  • Participaing in Karura DEX as an LP, yield farming
  • Using RMRK as collateral to take out a stablecoin (kUSD) loan

To move the asset to-and-from, use their bridge UI.

Trading and Sending $RMRK

CEX - Centralized Exchanges and Brokerages

RMRK Association will not be pursuing any CEX listings - we are prioritizing DEXes.

If a CEX wishes to list $RMRK, they can do so - the protocol is open and the token is permissionless. Please do not ask the team "wen exchange", we will not respond.

DEX - Decentralized Exchanges

🚨 A trading telegram room is set up here. Please do not discuss trading in the official group.

Read-only viewing balance / account inspection

Token Contracts across chains








Several utilities are planned for the RMRK token.

Contact information:

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$RMRK Tokens

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