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April 3, 2024
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$RMRK Tokens

$RMRK Tokens

On Sept 15th 2021, the $RMRK token was generated and released into the hands of the original Kanaria NFT buyers. The total supply is 10 million which is all in circulation. In total, 88% of the RMRK supply was fair-dropped to the community.

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Current State of RMRK

Currently, RMRK is fully circulating, and no more RMRK will be ever minted.

The  RMRK tokens are spread among various chains.

Learn more about the Token Migration here

Token Utilities

  • Acquire lands in the Skybreach Metaverse
  • Discounted fees when you mint and trade advanced Modular NFTs on Singular and other dApps when you use $RMRK
  • Stake $RMRK to receive gas tokens for upcoming RMRK's appchain on Polkadot (Coming soon)
  • Stake $RMRK to craft in-game resources and performance boost (Coming soon)
  • Hold $RMRK to avoid land decay, earn mana, and govern Skybreach (Coming soon)


Wallets to use

Some wallets allow you to hold $RMRK tokens on EVM and on Substrate, but some just let you have on one kind of network. Depending on which network you hold them, you can choose through following wallets.


Where to check on-chain transactions?

Where to buy RMRK?

You can buy RMRK tokens on decentralized exchanges:

Or at the only CEX supporting RMRK tokens:


Token Contracts

All Networks:

How to add the token to your wallet?

For Metamask and for general knowledge check the following video:


Nova Wallet:

Remember to stay safe. Nobody from the team will ever sent you a DM first neither ask your private keys

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