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July 10, 2023
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Crescent Codex

As members of the esteemed Galactic Guild, your journey in the marketplace is woven with mystery, achievement, and a narrative that is yet to be unveiled.

Crescent Codex

Welcome, esteemed Codex holders, to your journey through the cryptoverse with the Crescent Codex — an illustrious symbol of your endeavor and ingenuity. Every moon phase gem that adorns your Codex is a testament to your prowess, mirroring your actions under the celestial dome of the marketplace.

As members of the esteemed Galactic Guild, your journey in the marketplace is woven with mystery, achievement, and a narrative that is yet to be unveiled. Each moon phase gem represents an important chapter in this unfolding cryptoverse saga.


When you venture into the marketplace and mint your first NFT, you earn the New Moon gem, symbolizing new beginnings and the limitless potential of a nascent project. Each additional NFT you mint adds a facet to this gem, making it glow brighter.

Initiating a bid on an auction adds the radiant Waxing Crescent gem to your Codex, signaling an increasing interest and participation in the marketplace. Winning the auction rewards you with the First Quarter gem, denoting your successful endeavor and an intermediate goal achieved.

When you step forward to add assets to an existing NFT, turning it into a multi-asset marvel, you’ll see a Waxing Gibbous gem reflecting your action on the Codex. This gem illuminates your ability to expand and improve, showing your resourcefulness.

Launching your own auction in the marketplace rewards you with the glorious Full Moon gem, symbolizing your active contribution and leadership in the community. Every time your NFT is sold at a fixed price, you earn a shining Waning Gibbous gem, indicative of fruitful transactions and your successful navigation of the marketplace’s ebb and flow.

Initiating or accepting offers on NFTs, or burning them, will etch the Last Quarter gem into your Codex, symbolizing your decisive actions and active participation. And finally, setting up your profile or creating a collection results in the Waning Crescent gem, illustrating the end of one cycle and the anticipation of the next.

Every gem, every moon phase you earn, transforms your Crescent Codex into a vibrant constellation of your accomplishments, beautifully evolving along your journey — the more actions you take, the more powerful and precious the minted child-NFT.

These non-transferable child-NFTs, minted into your Codex, make it a unique, irreplaceable testament to your story in the cryptoverse. Forge ahead, let your Codex gleam brighter with every step you take, and make your mark in the cosmos.


The minting of these gems will happen automatically a month or so after the public mint closes, as we run analytics on the actions of everyone involved. Everything is subject to change, and we make no promises as to airdrops, gains, or advantages you may or may not receive after a fully complete or highly evolved Crescent Codex collection. Consider the Codex a fun launch experiment.

Crescent Codex

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