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January 24, 2024
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Emote on any NFT with our

We created, based on our ERC-7409, an NFT standard that enables NFTs to receive emoticons from any wallet.

Emote on any NFT with our

In the NFT space, one of the most important relationships is between the creator and the collector. By purchasing an NFT, the collector demonstrates their appreciation for the piece, either because it's an artwork that resonates with them, or because they view it as an investment to be flipped later.

Typically, this is the main interaction that occurs from the time a piece is minted until it is purchased (minting and purchasing can occur at the same time in some cases).. This interaction can span a longer period if the piece is resold on the secondary market, fostering a relationship between two collectors (the primary and the secondary).

When promoting the art piece, the artist may receive reactions and comments on social media. However, these comments and reactions soon disappear into the social platform's algorithm, becoming invisible to all who have seen them. What if these reactions could be recorded on-chain, thereby preserving a record and provenance of them?

That's why we created, based on our ERC-7409, an NFT standard that enables NFTs to receive emoticons from any wallet. With this dApp, you can express your feelings towards any NFT you wish, demonstrating your affinity for it and its creator.

Just as you use emojis on social media and in private messages, you now have the opportunity to do the same with NFTs.

All emotes are recorded on-chain. Therefore, at any time, the creator (and others) can check how many emotes each NFT has received and which wallets have emoted. Imagine seeing an NFT that has been emoted by Vitalik or a well-known artist or collector. This would enhance the reputation of the creator.

This enables a way for genuine communities to rise and show their support for creators beyond sales and social media. Additionally, it is possible to apply conditional rendering to NFTs, so the reactions will have an effect on them. This needs to be done directly on the smart contract by using jsonlogic to define client-only render alterations to the NFT based on certain on-chain and off-chain conditions. Once this is coded, multiple use cases can be created such as:

  • A NFT depicting an image of a moon might change to a half-moon with a rocket landing on it if it receives 50 moon emojis and 30 rocket emojis.
  • A NFT of an apple might rot after a certain block, turning into an image of a rotten apple, or if consumed in time by means of a fork and knife emoji, it becomes just an apple core.
  • A NFT image of a bicycle can show signs of deterioration and dilapidation if it has been sold more than, say, 50 times. 
  • An image of a wolf could show a pack if people have minted more than 50 wolves into this collection, or even sent wolves to the original wolf.

Some facts:

  • The same emoji can only be used one time by one wallet. The same wallet can emote several times but always with different emoticons.  
  • The standard allows any user to undo their emotes any time (not available directly on our dApp).
  • Under the hood, unicodes (The World Standard for Text and Emoji) are applied to NFT IDs in a separate record. So any emoji that is integrated with Unicode can be used on
  • Currently, the chains available to emote are Ethereum, Moonbeam, Polygon, and Base. We will be adding more EVM chains soon.

Some of the NFT collections at Singular already have this feature integrated, such as our flagship project Kanaria Genesis. We are preparing to release this feature to all collections soon on Singular, but in the meantime, enjoy showing your appreciation for NFTs by emoting on them! And since all reactions are on-chain, once we fully integrate at Singular, all the emojis used at will appear at Singular.

Go now to and start emoting!

About RMRK

RMRK is a next-generation NFT protocol that equips NFTs with superpowers, making it possible for NFTs to own other NFTs, change based on conditions, have multiple outputs depending on context, accept emojis, and more.

With these modular NFTs, RMRK enables the creation of the most advanced NFT projects the world has ever seen, while remaining compatible with archaic standards like ERC721 and ERC1155. You can explore this right now on Kanaria, RMRK’s flagship Modular NFT project; join the revolution in Skybreach, a truly decentralized metaverse; or trade advanced NFTs on Singular, the advanced NFT marketplace.


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