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January 24, 2024
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Rebranding our NFT standards: Introducing Modular NFTs

Formerly known as NFTs 2.0, these groundbreaking standards have now been rechristened as Modular NFTs

Rebranding our NFT standards: Introducing Modular NFTs

In the fast-paced world of blockchain technology and the rapidly growing NFT space, innovation and adaptation are key to staying ahead. RMRK Standards, a pioneering force in the NFT world, has taken a significant step in rebranding and redefining its standards. Formerly known as NFTs 2.0, these groundbreaking standards have now been rechristened as Modular NFTs. This new name reflects the essence of our standards, which are designed to function as versatile building blocks, easily connectable to create a rich ecosystem of creative and functional NFT applications.

Modular NFTs are akin to digital building blocks that can be assembled and interconnected to form more complex and functional structures. Much like Lego pieces, these NFT modules can be used to create unique digital experiences, applications, and ecosystems.

Key Features of Modular NFTs

  1. Interoperability: One of the most significant advantages of Modular NFTs is their interoperability. These legos can seamlessly interact with each other, opening up endless possibilities for combining and utilizing them across various applications and platforms.
  2. Extensibility: The modular nature of these standards makes them highly adaptable and extensible. Creators and developers can add new features or functionality to their NFTs, customizing them to suit their specific needs.
  3. Collaborative Potential: Modular NFTs encourage collaboration between artists, developers, and creators, who can unleash their creativity to create collaborative projects with unique and dynamic functionalities.

The rebranding of NFTs 2.0 as Modular NFTs by RMRK Standards is a significant step in the evolution of the NFT space. The new name aptly conveys the essence of these versatile standards, which serve as the building blocks for an interconnected and creative digital landscape. Besides these standards we have also developed several dApps that also work in a modular way. Each dapp focuses on particular module, enhancing NFT with a single aspect of RMRK standard, culminating in Singular NFT marketplace which supports the full set of RMRK modules.These dApps, just like the Modular NFTs, are our contribution towards the development of creativity and creation in the digital space, enabling a seamless user experience.

Check our dApps:

We ask our community to use Modular NFTs from now when referring to RMRK NFT standards. On social media you can also use the hashtag #modularnfts or #modularnft

Thank you all for being on this journey and embracing this new change. 

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