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January 24, 2024
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Migration of Kanaria and Skybreach lands

Dear Kanaria Community,‍Exciting news! Your Kanaria birds are ready to migrate to their new nesting grounds.

Migration of Kanaria and Skybreach lands

Dear Kanaria Community,

Exciting news! Your Kanaria birds are ready to migrate to their new nesting grounds. The journey to get to this point was challenging, to say the least, but the hard part is over now, and we couldn't be more excited about the new possibilities this migration opens up for us all.

Before we landed on the new home for our precious birds, we carefully considered the best blockchain to go with. After a thorough evaluation, we've chosen Base as our platform of choice. This decision is based on several key factors that align with our commitment to providing the best experience for our community:

Cost-Effective Transactions: Base offers a cost-efficient transaction environment, enabling seamless trading, equipping, and unequipping of assets at a reduced cost.

Native Currency Integration: Base employs ETH as its native currency, facilitating a smoother adoption process within mainstream markets.

Enhanced Visibility: Base is integrated with various other NFT marketplaces, providing increased visibility for Kanarias and further connecting our community with a broader audience.

We acknowledge that this announcement may elicit mixed reactions within our community, as preferences for blockchain platforms vary. It is important to recognize that regardless of the chosen blockchain, there will always be differing opinions. Our decision is rooted in the pursuit of delivering the best possible experience for our community as a whole.

Moving Forward with Kanaria

The migration is the first step towards a new boost for Kanarias, like a Phoenix that rises from the ashes and gains new strength. To facilitate this, the team has planned several initiatives to enhance the boost:

Gems - These will bring benefits to the holders. This is anticipated to occur in the first quarter of 2024.

Cross-Collection - We are aiming to partner with various projects to create cross-collection equipables, allowing these NFTs to be equipped not only in Kanaria but also in other NFT collections.

Art Contests - We will launch an art contest campaign for artists to create new equipable NFTs, bringing fresh and innovative designs to our birds' items.

Airdrops - New items will be airdropped to early traders on Base. If you want to be eligible, make sure to conduct some trades during December. More details to be announced next week. 

What about the Skybreach lands?
Don’t worry. They will also be migrating after the Kanarias. We are planning to do it on the following week and there’s nothing that holders need to do. The migration will be automatic. They will appear on the same wallet that you used to migrate the Kanarias.

Let’s start with migrating all Kanaria NFTs! 

How to migrate my Kanarias?
We have created a step-by-step guide. The migration tool that our team developed is quite intuitive but we want to make it as clear as possible for all Kanarias holders. NOTE: Keep in mind items that are not in Kanaria inventory (doesn't matter if equipped or not), will not migrate in this phase. For Kanaria items that are outside of Kanaria (not nested anywhere), a separate phase 2 migration will be made available later. Don’t be surprised if your migrated Yuletide items still display an image of a present

IMPORTANT: Before starting your migration process make sure you have some ETH tokens on your wallet at Base (~$0.03 per Kanaria bird, depending on the current gas price), as well as some KSM tokens on your wallet on the Kusama network. This is needed to pay the chain transactions. To send some ETH tokens to your wallet at Base, you can use our widget at Singular or the official Base bridge. Other possibilities for bridging are Orbiter and LayerSwap. We recommend sending from one L2 to Base since it’s cheaper, rather than sending from the Ethereum main chain. Also check for gas before doing the transactions. At Sundays usually it’s cheaper.

  1. Start by connecting your Kusama wallet at Singular. If you have Kanaria birds you should see a banner on the top with a similar message. 
  1. Click on “Migrate now”. You will be directed to a page that will present all the steps needed. First, connect your EVM wallet by clicking on the button at the bottom. 

  1. Once both accounts are connected (Kusama and Base wallets), verify that the addresses are correct. Confirm that all is correct and click on each button to sign a message with your wallet for us to make sure that you are the owner of the account.

  1.  Now link both addresses. To do that just click on the button that says “Link addresses”. This will tie your Kusama address to your Base evm address, so we know where Kanaria birds should be sent.

5) As soon as the addresses are linked a message will appear stating how many Kanaria NFTs you have to migrate. Click on the button that says “Migrate x Kanaria NFTs to Base”. This will transfer your Kusama Kanarias and all of their eligible nested items to RMRK Migrator holding account on Kusama.

6) The process is almost complete. The RMRK team will take the snapshot once every 24 hours and set the Kanarias and their items to be claimable by you on the Base network. Check back after 24 hours to claim your Kanaria birds.

7) You can close the browser window now if you wish. At any time you can go back to check the progress of your migration. To do that you can check the banner on the top with a button saying “Check Status”. Click on it to go back to the previous window with all the steps of the process.

8) If your Kanaria NFTs are ready to be claimed, you will see a new button saying “Claim now”. Click on it to start the process.
Because on average, each Kanaria has ~6 nested NFTs, you can only claim 2 Kanaria birds at a time (block size limitations). As long as there are still Kanaria birds to migrate, the button saying “Claim now” will remain active.

9) As soon as you claim the first 2 Kanaria NFTs, the progress section saying how many NFTs remain to be claimed will update. Repeat the process until you have no more NFTs to claim.

10) Once all NFTs are migrated, a pop-up window will appear. Wait a few minutes for our indexer to refresh and you should be able to see all your Kanaria on “Your Space” at Singular, this time on the Base chain. 

At any moment if you need any support, please reach out to our team at Telegram.

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