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April 3, 2024
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Introducing the New RMRK Token Contract

We're thrilled to introduce the new RMRK token, marking a big step in our efforts to offer a smooth and secure cross-chain experience

Introducing the New RMRK Token Contract

Dear RMRK Community,

We're thrilled to introduce the new RMRK token, marking a big step in our efforts to offer a smooth and secure cross-chain experience. This upgraded token will replace the current xcRMRK token, providing improved features and utilities for our users.

The decision to create the new RMRK token stems from the suspension of the Multichain bridge used for token bridging, resulting in the fragmentation of the xcRMRK token across multiple chains. The new RMRK token, built on OZ and Axelar, is a cross-chain token that can be bridged between chains through the Axelar Network, ensuring future resistance to such events.

Closing and opening new liquidity pools

Starting this migration process, we already closed the liquidity pools in the DEXs where the old xcRMRK token was. We have also started a new one with the new token and are in contact with CEXes to update the contracts for the new token.

For now, we don't recommend using any CEX until they update the contracts. We will keep our community informed on this point. If you have your old tokens at any CEX, they are safe but we recommend that you move them from your wallet so you can swap to the new tokens (see below for info on how to swap)

Swap Ratio

The swap ratio from old tokens to new one is 1:1. So you will get the same amount of tokens when you swap them.

New LPs with updated contracts that you can use

Uniswap (Base)

StellaSwap (Moonbeam)


The only CEX we have an agreement with is They have updated the token contract automatic.
We have no guarantees or negotiations with other CEX.

If you have your tokens on a CEX (that is not and want to upgrade them to the new RMRK token, you will need to withdraw them to your personal wallet and then swap them to the new RMRK token.

Utilities of the New Token

The new RMRK token comes with exciting utilities, including trading and discount fees at (coming this week) and in the future at We are committed to expanding the token's utility, and additional features will be announced in due time.

Introduction of the Swap/Bridge Tool

To facilitate the smooth transition to the new RMRK token, we have introduced a user-friendly swap/bridge tool at This tool will enable you to seamlessly swap your old xcRMRK tokens for the new RMRK tokens on all supported chains and as well to transfer the new RMRK tokens across chains. 

Important Links

For your convenience, here are the links to the token contracts for each chain:

Swapping from Asset Hub

Users with tokens in Polkadot/Kusama's Asset hub should bridge tokens to Moonriver via XCM first before migrating/swapping with our tool. Follow the steps below:

Full video guide

Step 1 – Navigate to

Step 2 – Select RMRK

Step 3– Select From and To networks

Step 4 – Select how many tokens you wanna bridge

Step 5 – Execute

Swapping old RMRK tokens to new ones

To swap your tokens inside our app, it's a simple process. Be aware that if your tokens are on Moonriver, they will be swapped and transfer automatically to Moonbeam.
Follow this guide to start your swap processing towards the new token:

Check the FAQ section on the bottom of the page at to have complete information. You will find there other video tutorials.


I’m using Nova Wallet but I can’t connect to RMRK bridge. What should I do?
Nova is a Substrate first wallet with some basic EVM support hence it causes issues and does not allow connecting and using the RMRK Swap/Bridge app. This is out of the control of the RMRK team.
Our recommendation is to use Polkadot.js or other similar wallet to transfer your tokens to Moonriver. Once in Moonriver send them to an EVM wallet like Metamask and so the swapping from there.

I have my tokens on the Karura chain. How can I swap them?
First you need to bridge them from Karura to Asset Hub Kusama. We recommend the following bridge app:
Once you have your tokens on Asset Hub Kusama, bridge them to Moonriver using Moonbeam official bridge app:
Once you got them on Moonriver, then you are able to use our Swap/Bridge app: 

I have swapped my tokens but didn’t get them yet. What should I do?
First thing to consider is to make sure that you have added the new token contract to your wallet on the correspondent chain.
Check this tutorial:

If you swapped from Moonriver, the migration needs to be done manually. Currently our team makes migration batches once per week. So be patient and you will see your tokens soon.

Where to trade the new token?
At the moment you can trade the new RMRK token on Uniswap on Base and StellaSwap on Moonbeam and at We are working on getting it listed on other exchanges but nothing is promised.

Is the new token gonna be listed in CEX?
The token is listed on with the new contract.
We are active looking for other CEX but nothing is promised.

Which chain is the best to keep my new RMRK tokens?
The new token contract can be hold and transferred across any of the following chains:

It’s up to the holder which chain to use to keep their tokens. All we can say is that at the moment Kanaria and Skybreach lands are at Base, so there’s where it’s gonna have more utility. 

I am trying to connect with my Ledger but it’s not possible. What can I do?
Ledger is not updated regarding Polkadot. Zondax team is working on it but we have no indication of when they will release a new update. Our recommendation is to send the tokens to a hot wallet and use our Swap/Bridge tool with it. Then you can send the new tokens back to a Ledger but this time on a new EVM chain.

Telegram Support

For further assistance, join our Telegram community at Please note that we will not send any direct messages, and it is essential to verify the identity of team members for your safety. We will never contact you directly to bridge neither ask your private keys.
The only place to swap and bridge your tokens is at

We appreciate your ongoing support as we continue to enhance the RMRK ecosystem. Thank you for being part of our vibrant community.

Best regards,

The RMRK Team

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