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October 9, 2023
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RMRK Verification of Collections

When a user on Singular submits a collection for verification, our team follows a process and guidelines to analyze it and determine if it can have the approval.

RMRK Verification of Collections

When a user on Singular submits a collection for verification, our team follows a process and guidelines to analyze it and determine if it can have the approval and thus gain the icon of Verified by RMRK.

For transparency, here you will find the main points that we go through.


Our team analyzes the works submitted to identify what is original, what can be considered fan art and what is derivative work that has significant changes from the original. 

We only verify original artwork done by the user artist that is submitting for the verification process. As such, providing us with studies, work in progress sketches, process videos and other files of your work will help in proving that the artwork is original and made by you.

Below are some examples of original art and works that were submitted for verification on our marketplace that do not meet the criteria of originality.

Stamps artwork:

The first example (Hunters artwork) presents some differences from the original, but it cannot be considered a derivative, neither presents enough changes to be considered a new work. It mainly erases some parts of the original, without further changes. So the team cannot consider that an original work and therefore cannot be verified.

In the second example (Stamp artwork), it’s a render from an image base. Even if the image it's already in the public domain, it is not an original work from the person submitting. Neither has any change, therefore it cannot pass our verification.

Fan art

Fan art is admissible to be verified however it must be derivative enough. This “enough” depends on different factors: color scheme changes, percentage of resemblance with the original work, composition differences, etc. If the elements presented in the work are not transformative enough visually, we will reject it. 


The collection below serves as an example. 

At first glance, the artist may seem to copy Joker’s character. But checking the entire collection, it is clear that the artist has a consistent style of rendering and image. It’s clear that the intention is just to dress up his character.

Any works that use official images from a particular franchise, even with slight modifications will not be verified. Traced images as well as simply coloring line art that does not belong to the person who submitted the collection is automatically rejected.



Please keep in mind that cosplayers' main goal is to look as closely as possible to a character. As such, to be able to verify adequately we need an ID, proof of licensing and ownerships of the photos. And if possible, a step by step process to prove it's his/her face and no one else’s. All this data is for our team's eyes only. It will not be made public for privacy and security reasons.

The team has the FINAL decision when it comes to whether we find fan arts transformative enough or not. We cannot define/guarantee what the original creators of these characters might find offensive, and we need to protect ourselves from copyright infringements from brands.


Please be mindful when using existing images in your work. Make sure the composition, the dominating image, elements, colors, etc. make your work original. The exception is if the work has a photo of an actual collage art piece, but even so it needs to be part of the work, and not the artwork itself.

Be mindful of the quality that you present. Use images that are considered as public domain or with free license to use. You will be rejected due to using images that you have no license to.   


This can be considered as fanart if we are able to prove that the image existed elsewhere. (celebrity, public figure etc.) Whether or not it's transformative enough is up to the RMRK team. If the portrait is of someone else, please provide us with proof/s that that person allowed you to use their image and conceive rights for sale. 


We welcome fan art banners but please be mindful of titles. Ex: Official RMRK banner. This collection will be rejected if by no means are you affiliated or tasked by the RMRK team to create a banner. It’s misleading.

Tickets and Egg projects

Artists should include WIPs or at least concept studies in their proofs for the works that will be released in regards to their "ticket" collection. This is to at least reassure whoever purchases the  ticket will receive something that is considered verifiable.


Send the raw file and present links to other works you have. 


Works created with AI can be verified. For that we ask you to share in a document a statement with your process and what software you used. Describe as best as possible all the steps you did.
Images generated with a single prompt will not be considered for verification, except if other work is done on the top of it with other AI, drawing or animation softwares.

Even though AI technology is advancing well, it is still possible for our team to detect when an image is generated by AI with low effort.  


To be able to verify correctly, please send any raw files you may have. We recommend also to upload a pdf or word file that clearly states your process to create music, including the softwares you use. It’s ok to have remixes as long as the artist has the rights and license to do it. 

Generative Art

As this is an area of art that it’s difficult to proof the originality, we ask to write on a document your process, software used and other relevant information that may help our team to confirm you are the author.


Artworks that are minted on other platforms are NOT allowed. Even if that nft is created by the same artist.
The team reserves the right to not approve their verification if there's not enough proof of the originality of the artworks submitted. We remind that verification is optional.

General recommendations

Follow these points to make the process of verification easier and with better chances of approval. 

Quality of the image resolution:

Would highly suggest that works submitted are at least 1000 px resolution. 72 DPI is the minimum having in consideration that mostly will be visible on a screen.

Image Licensing

When it comes to commercial platforms / public contracts. Pinterest, shutterstock, etc, please read carefully what “right” is alloted for you. Sometimes these platforms only allow their images to be used for commercial purposes NOT to be sold as an NFT and claiming it as your own.

Collaborations with other artists.

Please provide valid social media accounts such as Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Behance, etc, as well portfolio and other ways to present the work of all parties involved.

Contracts-collaborations: Please include studies. If possible, please provide work in progress rather than just sending us a finished PDF/JPEG file, and a copy of the contract.

Files to upload

Provide as much information as possible that proves you are the creator. Include works in progress and not just an image of the finished artwork attached to the source file, any kind of documentation that presents your process and tools you use, links to portfolio or platforms with your work, social media links, articles about you and your work, etc. If the team is not satisfied with the files provided, we may contact them for clarification or to request other documentation.

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